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Two people sit across from each other at a table looking at a map. The view is from above, only the peoples hands are visible, along with a open laptop, camera, and various small travel related items.

Accessibility and questions about travel go beyond just looking at architectural barriers, Braille signs, and printed scripts. It is the nuts and bolts of how do you travel with x, y, and/or z health consideration and whether there are accommodations available for YOUR needs at your desired destination.   Sometimes the first question is can you or your companion even travel with a particular health condition?

Whether you are new navigating how to travel with a disability or a frequent traveler, seeking information for yourself or a traveling companion,  Accessible Family Travel is here to offer In The Know travel tips and perspectives to help answers questions about how to travel with a disability or chronic medical condition.

We know that disabilities and chronic health issues come in all shapes and sizes. Some are temporary, some are permanent. Some are stable, some are variable. Some a visible, some are invisible. With help from our guest bloggers,  we’ll cover everything from traveling with environmental or food allergies to traveling with traumatic brain injury, insurance basics, trip planning,  and beyond. 

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Protecting Your Mental Health On the Road

by Larissa Breedlove After years of deep stigmatization, the spotlight on mental health issues is growing stronger. Organizations like the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) …

Traveling with Dietary Restrictions

by Anna Denisch Whether you’re trying to lose weight or your gastrointestinal system makes eating anything a challenge, traveling with dietary restrictions is difficult. Gluten free, …

Can I Travel?

by Ella Alkiewicz Before each trip, I ask myself if it’s worth traveling. And every time we return home, exhausted, the …

Accessible Family Travel – Insurance

Travel Insurance Basics For many of us, travel is a luxury and an investment for our future. However, like any investment you want to protect yourself …

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