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Accessible Family Travel was created by Suzanne Bair, a disabled freelance writer and photographer with an incurable lust for travel. Suzanne’s experiential knowledge comes from a unique perspective as a person with her own non-apparent disabilities affecting her mobility. She is also a parent of a child with developmental delays, an outgrown peanut/tree nut allergy and chronic illness and is a child of a deceased parent with multiple disabilities including diabetes, chronic heart failure, COPD, and PTSD.

This project was born out of countless years of frustration in searching for information about how to make travel easier for herself and the diverse needs of her family. What she found were hard to locate articles, lost in outdated publications and scattered across obscure sources on the internet. Suzanne hopes to fill in these gaps by creating a comprehensive resource for accessible travel information she wishes she had found.


Accessible Family Travel (AFT) will continuously share a variety of new content including resources for direct contact information for service providers, information about accessible locations, reviews about travel products and services, offer travel tips, and more. We will actively encourage partnerships within the travel industry. These partnerships directly serve our goal to create better awareness, visibility, and access for the needs of travelers with disabilities or other chronic medical conditions.

Building Community

In addition to subscribing to this website, we encourage you to join our Accessible Family Travel Facebook Group, where you can ask questions and share your experiences with other travelers and find even more great information.

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More About Suzanne

Suzanne is currently working on her MFA in Creative and Professional Writing at Western Connecticut State University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English: Creative Writing and a Certificate in Editing and Publishing from Western Washington University. Her previously published work can be seen in Tiny Tim Literary Review, Bellingham Alive!, North Sound Life, and North End Metro magazines incorporating a variety of literary, editorial, and photography content. Additionally, Suzanne has been a community volunteer and advocate with Big Brothers Big Sisters, YMCA, Head Start, the Center for Independence, and others for almost 20 years.

Image Description: Suzanne Bair proudly smiles at the camera at the top of Notre-Dame after challenging herself to climb to the top with limited mobility.

Make it to the top of Notre-Dame to take pictures of the Gargoyles. Challenge accepted!


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